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Hi all my name is Rob Donovan and welcome to the website of Living Art Tattoo’s and Body Piercings.

My shop has been running successfully for over 22 years now and I believe it is still going strong  

 Based on our business model that has never changed since the day we started.

Always give the best customer service in a clean and friendly environment, and do the best tattoo or piercing I can do every single day, for every client.

I always recommend potential clients to come down to have a look around and for us to meet face to face. And get a feel for the place that is what I would do so I invite you to do the same no strings attached.

All clients that visit are very impressed with the exceptionally high level of cleanliness and hygiene we constantly maintain, Our  Licence to do tattoos and body piercings from Auckland heath department are on display in the reception, piercing room, that prove we are regularly inspected and follow New Zealand’s highest standard in the trade. 

Most clients are also happy about the the fact that my studio is unique in that we are not an open plan store, we provide our clients with privacy, allowing them to have their Tattoo’s or piercing carried out in their own room, that is not only more private but more hygienic from a stand point of not having 20 people in the room, sneezing and coughing in the same room as 10 people getting tattooed at the same time with exposed tattoos that are busy being done.

Over the last 22 years I have never limited myself artistically by saying

“I don’t do those tattoos“ as so many tattoo artist in our days do. I feel this has made me into a well-rounded artist that has a firm grasp on all modes of tattoo as my portfolio will show you, I love meeting new people and doing tattoos for them that are special and that they will carry with them forever.

I really do look forward to meeting you.

Please take the time make the call setup a time with me to come down for a free consultation where we can talk about how I can help make you the perfect tattoo.


We are proud to state that Living Art Tattoo’s and Body Piercings have won multiply awards.

And have appeared in a many tattoo magazines newspapers and been on a few radio stations about tattooing and body piercing, we have even recently appeared on “Dancing with the stars NZ” (episode 17)

My awards are on display at the studio, but in all honesty what I love most, is making my clients 100% with the tattoo that I just did for them, on a daily basis, and that mean a thousand times more to me than any trophy. Truly

Please read my testimonials on the site and even the ones on Google Reviews…


Please read my testimonials on the site and even the ones on Google Reviews...

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