I was born and raised in South Africa, and started my first tattooing business there in 1997. Back when I started, the trade was controlled by gangs. Despite death threats over the first few years of my career, I persevered because I could not envision myself being happy doing anything else. Because of my dedication and help from my family and friends, eventually the gangs left me alone, but this experience made me realise that South Africa was not the safest place in which to raise children.

With heaviness in my heart at leaving behind my thriving business, clients, family, and friends, my wife and I immigrated to New Zealand. It was the best decision we had ever made. With hard work, dedication, and perseverance, we rebuilt our business and found new friends in a beautiful country with loving, hard-working people. This personal ethic is what we wanted to instill into the minds of our children, and we knew we were in the right place. We will always be from South Africa, but New Zealand is our home.

Aside from spending time with my wife and children, I enjoy maintaining my collection of bonsai trees, and spending time in nature. I also love music of varying genres, and caring for my many pets.