Browns Bay

Conveniently located in the heart of Browns Bay, so close to the beach you can almost feel the salt spray. It’s a stunning place to get tattooed or pierced, with cafes and restaurants all within walking distance - all the makings for a great day out.

This studio also offers stunning sea views, and a secluded off-street entrance suited to VIPs and celebrities who wish for a more private experience. We pride ourselves on providing award-winning tattoos in a clean and private studio.

Browns Bay is the dream studio that I’d aspired to create for so long. I’d always set my heart on designing a studio that could provide a blend of privacy and luxury. It’s the ultimate tattoo experience as it has a private entrance and is one-on-one – just you and your tattoo artist - in a completely relaxed environment. In my opinion, it’s just everything a tattoo studio should be.

The studio is tranquil and relaxing, although you can also choose to watch an old movie on the screen or, if you’d prefer, you can listen to music. The door is generally locked so there are no other interruptions to disturb you.

We have taken the tattoo experience to a different level, almost to that of a relaxed spa atmosphere, where you can just zone out and think about your day instead of focusing on the noise of people coming into the studio. It’s just a completely different experience from any other tattoo studio you’ll likely to find in New Zealand, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Saturday - Thursday
No client parking, please use public parking nearby
No wheelchair access
By appointment only