Piercing Training

Be trained by the best to be the best

Hi and thank you for your interest in becoming a professional body piercer.
Living Art Tattoos has trained over 150 professional body piercers that have now gone on to become Master Piercers (having pierced over 3000 piercings)

We have trained piercers from all over the world over the last 22 years. We train our students in both American and European techniques, and will also explain to you in depth, the pros and cons of each piercing technique.
At Living Art Tattoos we guarantee that you will be taught by a professional piercer who was also taught by professional piercers, one being the top piercer of South Africa and the other a very well respected piercer from Germany.
The training we provide is of the highest standard available and each individual that attends this course leaves with in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of safe and hygienic piercing procedures.

What makes our training course stand out from other training establishments is that our training is one on one training, rather than being trained in groups, this way we can assist and supervise you with each and every piercing you do at Living Art.
Not all body piercing training courses are the same. Many piercing techniques that are still being applied are no longer considered safe or hygienic and this is evident in the number of people that come to us on a daily basis with problems regarding their piercings that they have gotten from establishments that have not had professional training.
Living Art maintains the absolute highest standard of piercing procedures and will provide for you the dos and don’ts of piercing which will enable you to retain a satisfied customer base and, if you wanted to, have the ability to open your own shop after completion of his course.

Course Outlines

We require at least one months’ notice in advance of you attending the course, as it is done on a booking system and we need to generate interest and have enough people willing to get pierced during a student’s training. On average our students do a minimum of 100 piercings while attending this course and in some cases over 240 piercings. This is why students who have completed this course leave confident and ready to pierce professionally.
Our piercing course covers everything you will need to know about consent forms, customer interactions and most importantly, how to stand above the industry standard of hygiene and sterilization. It is done over a period of one week, Mon-Fri 9.30am-1pm. After 1 pm each day I return to run the studio as normal, doing tattoos and piercings, and students are encouraged to stay until closing at 5 pm to experience the day-to-day running of a professional tattoo & piercing studio. This time is recommended but voluntary.
When the course is completed, you will receive a certificate from Living Art Tattoos stating that you have trained with Rob Donovan, an internationally known tattoo and body piercing artist, in the most respected piercing studio in NZ.

This course covers the following piercings:

  • ear
  • nose
  • tongue
  • eyebrow
  • lip
  • nipple
  • belly

This course does not cover

  • industrial ear piercings
  • septum nose piercings
  • genital piercings
  • dermal implants.

Pricing Options

$3,000 (excluding GST)

Overall piercing training. No tools or jewelry are given at the end of the training.

$3,500 (excluding GST)

Piercing training + you will be provided with basic piercing tools and jewelry, & a list of our suppliers.

$3,680 (excluding GST)

Piercing training + you will be provided with piercing tools and jewelry that has been individually packed and sterilized & a list of our suppliers.

I have done many of these courses with students from all over New Zealand, Australia and Fiji and South Africa. All were happy to have done it, and have gone on to making piercing their careers and are making good money with their new skill.

Most have made their start as beauticians or pharmacy piercers that want to learn to pierce the correct way. All have realized the potential earnings they could be making, with profits on each piercing around 800%, and under 5 minutes needed to complete most piercings.

To book a piercing course with us 50% Payment needs to be made. This will be lost if you cancel for whatever reason any later than two weeks before the date you have booked in for.

We can give one reschedule date if you cannot come due to a family death and / or hospitalization, of the person doing the course.

In either case, we will need proof of the death or proof of your stay in the hospital.

If you are doing the course with the tools we would be willing to give those to you, if you decide not to pay again.

It is unfortunate that we recently had to add this clause, but a client rescheduled twice after we had sent out advertising and this cause major rescheduling issues and losses to the studio.

Once we advertise we cannot take it back and living art has never canceled a course but we recently had to reschedule twice for one person and we are not willing the take that risk again, please note that by enrolling you confirm that you accept this condition.

Please provide us with a GST number for us to send you a GST receipt once you have paid

I hope this has been helpful. Please get back to us with any further questions you may have

Tattoos Training

I have started my apprenticeship in April, 2016 and finished in December, 2017. Over the period of time, I have learnt not only the basic tattooing skills, but most importantly, how to become a good tattoo artist.

Rob has provided a positive learning environment at the professional tattoo studio, Living Art Tattoo. In the first stage of the course, he has taught me about the setting of tattoo machines, tattooing skills, hygiene knowledge and the correct set up (before and after) for a proper tattoo appointment. Also, he has trained me with drawing different objects in different styles, and how should I push myself to create my own style and become a successful tattoo artist.

Rob has given me a lot of opportunities and I have met so many amazing customers and people during the time of apprenticeship. I have also been encouraged and trained to become the best tattooist I could be.

I would be forever grateful with Rob’s teaching and all the awesome work experience I have gained at Living Art.

To become a tattoo artist is not easy, getting anyone to teach you is almost impossible,
I personally had my life threatened 10 times in the first 3 years of my tattooing carrier, the trade was controlled by a gang in South Africa back 22 years ago.

SO the first thing I always tell anyone that I teach is:

I will never say I’m the best tattoo artist or body piercer, but I do my best every day – What I offer you is what I know, and what I have learned over the last 22 years in the trade. I cannot teach you how to be a great artist, but I can teach you how to run a successful business and How to do a great tattoo. The artistry comes from you, I can guide you, but the passion must come from the person, no one can teach you that.

I will show you everything, from where and when to advertise, shop presentation, consultations with clients, all the way to doing the final tattoo and then having that client leaving so happy with what you did for them that they leave you a great review.

I will teach you what cost me thousands of dollars to learn over the last 22 years, and yes you could teach yourself, but it will cost you a lot more money and time.

So I’m offering you one on one training, in all aspects of the trade. When you are done I will provide you with a certificate stating you have completed a professional tattoo training course within my shop, and the knowledge and understanding to open your own shop the next day if you follow my guidelines.

Please note this is a professional training course that by an international award-winning tattoo artist

Not an ex-accountant that did a one day course and now runs 5-day training scams here in NZ.

Be Warned! I have had to retrain a few people that where scammed by the crowd in Cambridge already. Some here in NZ but mostly in South Africa the same people. The course does not include any equipment, but I will show you what to buy and what to look out for, that lesson alone is worth $10,000 but you will get it all for free as part of your training.

I will teach you how to do a clean tattoo following the highest hygiene standards.

When we were inspected by the Auckland council health the department last, the inspector said:

“Living art is the cleanest studio he had ever seen in his 25 years as an inspector in New Zealand North and south Island, and that if he could, he would use my shop as the benchmark of the standards for all other studios.”

Anyone we have ever trained has living arts support on an ongoing base, I am just a phone call away. I still get calls from students, I trained years ago for advice on some things as they develop, and I’m always happy to help.

I do not do tattoo training all the time but if you would like to go ahead please let me know and I will let you know when the next the available date could be.

Best Regards,

Rob Donovan

Duration of tattoo course – 3 months excluding weekends (students may come for extra training during weekends at no extra cost and will be able to observe the weekend workings of the studio)

Cost $15,000 excluding GST – We will provide a GST receipt to claim back for your training

You will receive a certificate to prove that you were trained by a professional respected international tattoo artist.

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